About ARIE in Lima

After a primitive start in a borrowed car porch in 1988, ARIE now operates six treatment centres throughout Lima. More than three hundred staff work with ARIE, from child neurologists, to medical rehabilitation specialists and many therapists in various disciplines. They treat more than 6,000 children every week and in the past thirty years have made a better future possible for 35,000 children.

The sooner a child with a disability is taken to ARIE, the better. Through an early diagnosis and an individually adapted treatment programme, ARIE offers the children the opportunity of maximum development, within the constraints of their disability. The all important role of the parents is not forgotten and they are encouraged and assisted to be actively involved in the development process of their child.

By far the most important source of revenue for ARIE, are the fees paid by the parents for the treatment of their children. Parents are mean-tested and fees are set accordingly. In addition, ARIE receives donations from within Peru and from outside the country. ARIE is a private initiative and receives no financial support from Government.

By keeping the organisation simple, bureaucracy is avoided and it allows most non-medical tasks to be performed by volunteers. In this way, costs are kept to the minimum and the children who most need it, will fully benefit from every donation.

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