Foundation details

Name: Stichting Vrienden van ARIE

RSIN/Fiscaal nummer: 8093.92.252
Address: Delistraat 37, 2585 VX ‘s The Hague, The Netherlands
Contact: of tel: +3170 322 5226


- A.G. Beelaerts van Blokland (chair)
- B.C.G. Spoor – van Andel (secretary)
- R.Q. Bolle (treasurer)
- M.J.M. Kraijenhoff – Smit (member)
- S.H. van Panhuys – Beelaerts van Blokland (member)

  • Policy document: see attached (in Dutch)
  • Articles of Association: see attached (in Dutch)
  • Integrity Policy: see attached (in Dutch)
  • Remuneration policy: The foundation does not employ anyone. The members of the committee are not paid. No loans, advances or guarantees are provided to the committee members.
  • Report on the activities performed: See point 1.3 of the 2022 Annual Accounts
The annual accounts (in Dutch) are attached:
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